No Fix No Fee

If we can not repair your computer or laptop we simply do not charge any fee.

Same Day Service

Urgent, same-day service is usually available no matter when you call.

We Come To You

If you required, Our delivery guy can collect and return your computer or laptop free of charge within the committed time frame around Perth.


We cover whole Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

Weekend or Public Holiday

Our computer engineer can visit even on weekends and public holidays


We make It transparent and simple, If you are not Satisfied with our repair, we offer full Refund.

PC Repair, Laptop Repair, Computer Repair Perth

Master Computer has grown to become the top choice of consumers in Perth for Computer and Laptop repairs. We provide same-day Computer and Laptop repair in Perth and surrounding suburbs. Our technicians are highly skilled to bring your computer back to a state of optimal performance. Our vast experience allows us to offer you the best possible and low-cost practical solutions.

Don’t have enough time to take your PC, Mac, or laptop to the local computer shop, but still need an urgent repair? No need to worry now as you’ll be pleased to know that the Master Computer send highly skilled technicians directly to your place across Perth city. You are tired of computer support and service that doesn’t happen on your terms and schedule, and customer satisfaction is rock bottom? Sick of waiting for your turn and squander petrol driving back and forth from your current repair shop, only to find your computer is not ready? Your calls are not being picked up on time, or find yourself waiting on the line for minutes? Are you curious to know exactly what is being done to your important equipment and potentially sensitive information in your absence? Master Computer is here to help solve all your problems in minimal time. Our highly skilled technicians are just one call away from you. So, what are you waiting for? Call now to get a free quote or book an appointment.

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Now service at your doorstep, with no charges
Our flexibility is our specialty and we can reach you for free. Your convenience is our priority and our rapid service allows you a faster solution for all types of computer needs and that makes us fix 90% issues on the same day.
Now you can book a callout and we will reach you at a business or your home. Or you can bring the computer to one of our stores. The technicians working with us are capable to fix all issues and we don’t charge for services at the doorstep.

Our local centres available for computer repair at Perth.

Our callout service at Perth allows you to reach us easily. Our centres provide services cover both business and domestic needs but related to your computer only. We do offer full IT support for your business needs too.

Reasonably priced computer repairs.

Our computer repair centres are formed to be affordable. General or common issues are solved for a set price on an average of  $99 to $199 range. We provide services at lower prices than our competitors, and we offer a fair rate for a professional computer repair service. Our hourly rate helps you to solve any kind of typical technical issues.

Free Callouts. Yes! Call us and there will be no charges.

Free callouts let you reach us without any worries. Just pay for the task we perform as repair to your computer. Charging for a call to discuss a problem is not fair we believe.

It’s not just fixes computers, we build relations.

We provide service just like IT support. Our experts help our customers to run everything smoothly. We offer complete IT support services such as ongoing maintenance to networking solutions and security and hardware advice.

Consistent and fast.

Just imagine if your computer dies, it can affect every part of life and your business will also affect. Kids will not be able to watch their favourite shows. It will stop your social life such as shopping and all.

We understand the value of this intelligent device and it means a lot for a business or personal use. That’s why we are here to help you with a PC repair service. This service works a little differently. Don’t worry we will not send your desktop away to the warehouse. We don’t believe in a subcontract for any computer repair out to people we have never met. Our fast and consistent service won’t make you wait for days to get the computer back. We will not ask you to for any replacement until is important while we place an order for parts from any third-party supplier.

Our record states to our customer that we solve around 90% issues related to desktop repair on the spot. No matter if you are coming to us or you ask us to reach you, we will provide fast and best service. Our qualified and friendly experts have good experience of 5 years at least. Most issues are resolved then and there. Getting you back to work in lesser time is our motive.

We give service wherever you are.

A faulty device can cause many kinds of problems, especially when it is related to a laptop or desktop. Some general issues such as broken keyboards, faulty screens, and battery problems can be solved in lesser time. Our best technicians diagnose and solve most problems on the spot. If you’re stuck in the Perth area and you need support for laptop issues, we can undoubtedly come and fix it for you on the spot.

Laptop issues could be diagnosed as if the issue is related to a known problem, we’ll fix your machine for a reasonable price. We assure our customers with service as well as our prices that are lower than our competitors. We are known for faster and branded solutions. In case, the issue is unknown like the laptop will not turn on, we’ll diagnose and fix at an exceptional hourly rate.

We are specialized in repair with all makes and models of laptop, including Mac Books.

We are expert in Mac repair.

We have Mac specialists who can repair all desktop and laptop machines. Our Mac team is qualified to replace hardware parts such as screens, hard drives, replacement of keyboards, install new batteries in MacBook, repair water damage, and fix all general Mac issues. We are trained for iPads and Tablets to fix as well.

If your Mac computer is faulty you can’t reach Apple Support every time. Call our resident Apple experts and they will resolve issues from OS issues to hardware problems.

Our Mac machines are repaired using quality parts replacement and we assure for a one-year guarantee for all new parts. So if you are scared of expired Apple care warranty don’t worry we can handle this on the same standard price. We’ll repair and bring your iPad, Mac, or MacBook back to life.

We do recovery of lost data.

Struggling with data loss doesn’t mean a loss of the project. Just don’t give up on any data loss. Retrieving your important files is possible now, you must call us. Our crash repair team can probably pull all or part of the missing information from the faulty storage device.

We are capable to retrieve any type of data on the spot. We can come to your place or you can reach our shop in Perth and we can restore your lost data in lesser time. Majority wise, we can drill down all data quickly from the hard disk. Our team may be able to save your device as well.

We are the first choice for data recovery today, especially in Perth. We have a special forces unit to rescue your files and we are capable to clean up the device as well. We follow protocols and you will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement as our policy. This agreement states your data is safe and will not be shared with others at any cost. We assure quality service, so we prefer our customers to follow the recovery procedure. We do recovery at our centre only so there is no chance of outsourcing your device for any data recovery. If we conclude that the device or its part is beyond saving, we will follow a safe disposal procedure.

We are like an ambulance and an emergency department for your device. Just to remind you, your situation is never forlorn. Now no need to throw the device out of the window even if it’s not retrievable, there is a chance to recover some part which is again like something is better than nothing. We do all possible steps to get the work done on time.

Just a phone call away from you.

Setting a local repair shop for computer needs is a difficult task. We decided to set up a computer repair shop that offers a local service. Like, all over the Perth, we will come to you and get your tech device back on its feet. The local centre really helps our customers to reach us anytime. We are growing and have an ample number of centres across Perth. Our experts are available 7 days a week and we are never offline.

IT support for businesses.

Growing a business is always a hard task but if the growth is with the right people than growth chances are higher. IT solution is also like that and our team is known as the best solution provider for all IT related issues. Good networking, quality hardware products, and perfect security protocols allow the business to access information quicker. For perfect results to your clients, you should stay agile in the face of new challenges.

The big challenge for small scale industry is full-time IT support. The reason is complete IT support is very costly compared to big organizations. That’s where we play an important role and provide all kinds of support at a very reasonable cost.

We are an all-rounder and provide all IT related support to our customers. No matter it is related to setting up new computers, installing anti-virus software, managing networks, or providing any advice on new hardware purchases, we are efficient to help our customers.

Assistance through Remote.

Vising clients for all issues is not necessary and keeping such in mind we have designed remote support for your clients. You don’t have to reach us or take your computer to our stores for all issues. We can help you remotely and assist with all general issues. Not only specific issues we are also able to provide a solution for security-related tasks. We are efficient to deploy security patches remotely. That means you are getting the best services for your hard-earned money. Remote assistance is having another feature and that is the quickest resolution for relevant issues. Our team will take remote of your machine with registered tools and troubleshoot the issue. The best feature is you can ask for the RCA for the issue you got with your computer.

Share your computer-related worries with us and we will solve the problem efficiently and in lesser time. You just need to reach us to take benefit of our services. We are easily reachable as we have local stores for you. Just in case, you are unable to reach our stores just give us a call. We will come to you and resolve all your technical difficulties. Not just related to iPad or mac machine, we provide support for all types of computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

We repair Tablet as well that too at your place.

A broken screen is not a big problem at all, and the credit goes to our tablet repair service. No matter if there are cracks on the surface or a complete breakdown, or any internal hardware issue, our experts will have your tablet and return you a working device.

We also handle the water damage, data loss, and battery troubles at our pace. You just need to call us, and we will send a friendly qualified engineer. Or you can reach our shops for faster treatment of your machine. We can say we will repair your tablet by the time you will go to your next meeting.

Do you have insurance and don’t want to pay the excess amount for your gadget? Our tablet screen repair team could charge you less, and your tablet will be in your hands in lesser time. We know that tablet is turned as an important device for day to day use such as shopping, watching videos, entertainment part, and so on. We will assure you that you will get this device as soon as possible so that you will not miss all your day to day activities you perform on a tablet.

We repair Mobile phone without any hassle.

Our specialist mobile phone repairs team can mobilize to get you connected again with your faulty mobile phones. Our team is trained in all kinds of repair for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones.

If you need immediate repair for your faulty phone, we are here to help you. For mobile phone also we don’t charge call-out fees, so you can contact to our shops in Perth.

If your phone insurance has run out and you don’t want to pay the extra charges for replacement of broken handset, you just need us. It’s time to take a different approach and we are here to fulfill all mobile requirements. Our mobile phone repair team is friendly qualified and efficient. Our team will diagnose and update if we do need to keep your device for some time for repair. We will repair it and have it back in your hands ASAP. So, no worries about any mobile device issue, your device is in the right hands and our team will return a perfect device to you.

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